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Sakura Spiritual Arts

We have jewelry, drums, runes, Tarot readings if requested, cloaks,wands, staffs...etc



Custom made, on the spot patches and art commissions.

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Correlophus & Cyberwitch

Prints, stickers, acrylic charms, and handmade polymer charms!

Website N/A
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Albinet Productions and KidCitizen Crafting

All home made: Foam magnets of characters, stickers, plush toys, squishies, wooden character wall mounts, possibly wooden toys and a few knick knack type things. The usual that we bring ;D

Website N/A
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Remplestilskin's Boutique

Rempelstiltskin not only loves Cosplay but making fun fascinators, hair accessories, and other crafty things as well as stickers!  Hoping to have dice bags, cosplay prints and maybe some artwork.  

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Snappy Printz

Mugs, mouse pads and t-shirts! 

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Medieval Trading Post

All things medieval, cosplay, and collectible. Leather reproductions and accessories, horn work, forged and cast metalwork.

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Adventure Dice Ltd.

Dice, Lots and lots of dice!  We also carry Dice Trays, Dice Bags, and a multidute of other RPG and/or gaming accessories.


Nerdy Stitch and Knit

Knitted and crochet and sewn nerdy stuff, mostly dolls. 

Website N/A
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Kawaii Nynja

Cute arts of a crafts inspired by pop culture.

Website N/A


Art prints and pins.


Onemorelevel Games & Collectibles

Games, gaming consoles and gaming collectibles

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Tea & Transformation

Tarot Cards,brochures and perhaps some crystals for sale.

Website N/A
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Toadstool Treasures

Handmade soft toys, stuffed animals

Website N/A

Peacey's Perlers

Fused bead art and supplies and hopefully a create your own table again!

Website N/A
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Ethereal Ashie

Art prints, cosplay prints, stickers and dice trays! 

Website N/A
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We will set up our life size float tank replica. We had such fun this year and look forward to it again. 

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Arty McFly

Horror/Gothic inspired original art. Snarky t-shirts you MUST own. 


Extra Life

Come learn about our Charity! We're planning on having some more interactive things at our booth this year


Juliette Publications

Books - Prints - Cards - Charms - Pins - Stickers - Die-Cuts - Miniatures - Framed Pictures


Kittie's Kostumes

Costumes and costume accessories.

Website N/A
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The Art of Lindsay Peltz

Prints and originals, original art pendants, greeting cards, stickers, and at-convention commissions!


Pocket Poms

Pom Pom characters!



Learn about the art of Ninjitsu hosted through Kage Musha Dojo! 


Phantom Eclipse Comics 

Phantom Eclipse Comics is an online and event-based seller of comics, trading cards and pop culture collectibles.


A n' E Crafts.

You'll find para-cord critters, survival bracelets, and perler bead crafts.



Kawaii art that you have to own. 

Mount Willow Books 

Indie Publisher of 'The Nine Realms – For Goblins’ Sake 2018


The Handmade Empire 

We specialize in hand-painted mugs and handmade jewelry.