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Artist Alley Booking

Please note we have made some changes from previous years to what is included with your booth and pricing. Be sure to read carefully before booking.


Booth size: 5x6ft 

Price: $80


Artist booths come with:

1 Table

2 Chairs

2 Badges


We are trying a new layout this year based on 2022 feedback, so artists are no longer located on the back wall. Our goal is to increase foot traffic through Artists Alley.

If you require more badges or power there are extra charges. These are as follows:


  • Badges  - Weekend only: $20 (We're offering a discount on the price for vendors)

  • Power: $55


Due to the size of the tables and spaces, we are unable to offer any extra tables or chairs for artist booths.


Any bookings above our booth count will be placed on a waitlist. Signing up for a booth does not guarantee a spot in the Penti-con Artists Alley.


Upon submission, we do require a brief listing of what your business offers. We do our best to have a well-rounded selection of artists and this helps us provide that.


By booking an exhibitor or artist alley space you agree to the following policies:


  • Always wear your badge.

    • If security cannot see your badge,  you cannot enter.

  • Displays must not be higher than 9 ft in total.

    • Displays on the ground must be sturdy and not able to wobble or fall over easily.

    • Displays on tables must be secure and not wobble or fall over easily.

  • You and your gear are limited to the bounds of the space you have purchased. If you booked a 10x10 space, you are limited to within that space; the same goes for 5x6 spaces. Some exceptions may be possible but must be expressly granted by the organizers. This will be on a case by case basis.

  • If you are selling adult-aimed content, you MUST ID anyone who wishes to look at it unless their age is unquestionably over 18. You cannot display adult materials in full, and any nudity or overly sexual content must be covered up and not visible to those walking by,

    • If you are unsure if your art falls into this category, please email us for clarification.


If you are found in non compliance with anything above, you will be warned and told to correct the infraction. If you are given 3 warnings by event staff or volunteers, your badge will be revoked and you will be asked to leave with no refunds given.


We will not be allowing any AI generated content at our convention. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Books with AI generated words.

  • Book covers with AI generated images.

  • Artwork created by AI.

    • Also includes artwork based on AI generated images. 

  • Signs or logos created by AI.


If you are found to have AI generated content at your table, the event organisers reserve the right to revoke your badge and require you to immediately pack your booth and leave with no warnings or refunds given.


To help ensure no AI generated content is present, we may require proof that you made your offerings if you sell any of the following that are not licensed or trademarked:

  • Self published books

  • Artwork 

  • Charms/Keychains

  • Stickers

  • Pins


Proof you made your items includes:

  • Progress photos of artwork, either traditional or digital.

    • Line art and layers are acceptable if you do not have work in progress pictures.

    • If you do not have any progress photos of your current artwork offerings, sketches proving your art style are acceptable.


  • Rough drafts of books (Submitting a couple pages for review is fine)

    • Name and contact information of the artist of your book.


Please do not send us this information unless we request it.

By booking an exhibitor or artist alley space you agree to the Penti-con’s Code of Conduct which can be found here.

If you are found in non-compliance with anything in our code of conduct, you will be warned and told to stop the offending behaviour. If you are given 3 warnings by event staff or volunteers, your badge will be revoked and you will be asked to pack up and leave with no refunds given.


If the offence is serious enough, the event organizers reserve the right to revoke your badge and you will be asked to leave with no warnings given and no refunds. This may also include a ban from the event in the future.


To book, please follow the link below and fill in accordingly. Acceptance emails will be sent out once the application has been approved by the board. This time can vary but shouldn't be longer than a week after application.


We are unable to accommodate any changes to your requirements on the day of setup or during the convention itself. Please be sure to review your application carefully and double-check your needs before submitting it. If things do change before your invoice is sent, please email us and we will do our best to accommodate the changes at that point.

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