What is a comic jam? 

Definition -> A creative process where one or more comics artists collaborates on drawing one single comic. Often the process is that one artist creates the first panel, and then another artist creates the second, and a third does the next, and so on.

There will be separate comics for under 13 and over 13 as some adult humor may make its way onto the pages.

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Local Comic!

When Micah and Arcadie were younger, they saw a world that was limitless and open minded. As they grew older, that view was challenged. 


When Micah is offered the chance to attend school in Ireland, far from his home in Canada, the distance brings to light buried feelings about his childhood best friend. 


'Where We'd End Up' is a wholesome, slice of life story about the lives of two young men, separated by an ocean, who end up coming together. It's a happily ever after heartwarming tale of love that knows no boundaries

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