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Cosplay Contest General Rules and Expectations


The following rules are for all our cosplay-related contest content.

This year we have 3 different cosplay competitions

  • Cosplay Contest for Construction 

  • Cosplay Masquerade for performance only

  • Cosplay Skit Contest


You can enter multiple contests, with the exception being Construction participants cannot enter the Masquerade, as a walk on performance is part of the Construction part to show off to the judges and the audience


To enter any of the above contests these rules must be followed. By entering the contests you certify that you agree to the following and have read and understand the rules for the specific contest you are entering.


You must have a ticket for the Penti-con 2022 valid for the day of these contests (Saturday October 22nd or a full weekend ticket)


You must be 14 or older to compete in any of our Main Stage Cosplay events.


We do not allow sharp metal objects or previously functioning projectiles at our event for props.

If you are unsure if your prop is okay to bring, please email us.

All props and weapons will need to be Peace Bonded. By Peace Bonding your weapon you agree that you will not hit or hurt anyone with it. We will attach a tie to your prop to signify it has been peace bonded.


You must bring everything off the stage that you came on with. Meaning confetti and glitter bombs, etc. are not allowed.


Construction participants must have made at least 60% of their own costume to qualify.


Masquerade and Skit participants can use bought costumes in these categories, as these are performance based.


We have a strict no-tolerance policy on changing your skin tone to be that of another human's skin tone. This is not allowed in any of our competitions and anyone found doing so will be disqualified immediately.

This ONLY applies to a real person's skin tone.  Changing your skin for fantasy races is completely fine so long as they do not have a skin tone of a real human.

Example: any character that has blue, pink, red, grey, etc. colored skin that does not emulate a real human's skin tone is allowed.

If you have any questions please feel free to email our cosplay contest coordinator at and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


All cosplay events registration close on Oct 8th at midnight. Be sure to submit before then for your best chance at getting a spot! 

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