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The Penti-Con Art Festival is a celebration of creativity, collaboration, and community.

This year we're looking for creatives to share with others through workshops and panels. Come find out more about the projects and get involved in the celebration

Here's a list of requested content topics

Image by Chauhan Moniz


We have a creative demographic and they would love to learn from someone who works in the animation industry or who has taken animation courses.  It's such a broad topic, the sky is the limit for panels options.


Body proportions. Different Mediums. Perspective. Shading.  There's so much that goes onto a page. We are looking for artists to help with some basics. 

Image by KOBU Agency


We're looking for a basic Scriptwriting 101 for our creative minds. The basics of dialogue, setting and scenes. How to make it come alive without all the words like a novel.


This was a new one. From video game music to popular music - we've had a request to delve into this topic. We aren't sure how to start, maybe you can help us? We hear it's good for the soul.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
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