MisMack Clean Cosmetics

Make Up Artistry


Theme: Dark/Light Magic 

Digital Rules

  1. Contestants will log-in at least fifteen minutes prior to the start of the Zoom call. 

  2. Models should be primed and ready ahead of time. (Yes! Given quarantine - you can be the model)

  3. We will not judge you for doing makeup in your kitchen or living room. 

  4. All animals are welcome to join. 


  1. Beauty/Glam

  2. SFX

Whatever category you chose, we want a clear and concise story around the look and how it ties into the theme. 


Decisions made by competition judges are and will remain final.

  1. Competitors’ make-up will be judged based on the following criteria: Reflection of Theme, Design, Application Technique, Use of Color and Overall Presentation. 

  2. Each of the criteria will be worth a possible 10 points, with a score of one being the lowest and ten being the highest.

  3. Costumes will not be judged.

Even with the addition of new categories there will still only be the following prizes: Judges Pick, Staff Pick and Crowd Favorite. 

There are only SIX spaces available to compete. You MUST sign up ahead of time.

 Please email: info@thepenti-con.org