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Make Up Artistry


Theme: Magic
Sunday May 31st. Time TBD

Competition Rules

  1. One model per competitor.

  2. No assistants will be permitted. The competitor must apply all make-up by him/herself.

  3. Models must arrive with no make-up on prior to the start of the competition. If models arrive with make-up on, they will be required to remove it.

  4. Talking will not be permitted during the competition unless it aids the make-up artist in application of make-up to the model.

  5. All competitors must supply their own make-up.

  6. Nudity is not allowed. If you are not sure if your design will comply, contact the show management for approval.

  7. Prosthetic appliances are not allowed. Bald caps are allowed, but they will be treated as wardrobe.

  8. Contest will run for the allotted hour and a half. When time is called, you MUST put your brushes/tools down.

Each contestant will have a chair for their model and a table for their kit. There will be no ring lights on site. Lighting is from the venue. We cannot guarantee there will be power for your own lighting. 


Decisions made by competition judges are and will remain final.

  1. Competitors’ make-up will be judged based on the following criteria: Reflection of Theme, Design, Application Technique, Use of Color and Overall Presentation. Hairstyling is worth up to five extra points.

  2. Each criteria will be worth a possible 10 points, with a score of one being the lowest and ten being the highest.

  3. Costumes will not be judged.

  4. First, Second and Third Place will be awarded. 

There are only SIX spaces available to compete. You MUST sign up ahead of time.

 Please email: info@thepenti-con.org to do so! 

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