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Tip Tuesday with Chibi Raincloud - Body Paint

Let's talk about body paint and makeup for this Tip Tuesday!

I am not a professional and I don't do too much body paint so here is a video of Bukkit doing a quick tutorial!

What I do know is practice makes perfect! Always test out your makeup on your arm for at least 20min before applying it to your face, especially if you have an allergy.

Skin tone can play a huge part in the process so getting a light base color to start with can help create an even tone. You will need sealer for most body paints! I use a makeup sealer that's liquid and sprays on. With cream make-ups, sometimes the powder setting is better. Research what type of body paint you have and what sealer is recommended for that product.

Know your weather! if it's hot and dry, you have to worry about sweating it off. So you may want water or paint, depending on what you're doing. While if it's wet and rainy you want to avoid water base paints.

Most importantly, be careful. Paint can be very hard to get off fabrics. You may rub off on someone or something while wearing paint. Look into gloves or tights for your hands and arms when possible. You don't want to accidentally ruin someone else's cosplay. This also counts for hotel sheets and towels. Bring your own washcloth to clean yourself up after.

It is also important to note:

It is never okay to change your skin tone to that of another humans! Only use body paint for your whole body when you're using it to emulate a fictional race that does not use someone's real skin tone.

Companies with good body paint:

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