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Tip Tuesday with Chibi Raincloud - Organization

Happy Tip Tuesday! Today I want to share some hacks for storing cosplays!

Cosplay can take over closets and entire rooms all too easily. Organizing them will also help the pre-con packing panic. I clean and pack away all my cosplays after cons or shoots. I use a steamer on my cosplays and wigs the next time I need them, since I fold them and put them in bags and tote bins. It helps get wrinkles out and give body to flat wigs. Steamers can be as cheap as $25 and well worth the investment of not having to worry about wigs being flat or cosplays having fold lines.

I like using bins especially for delicate props. There are so many different sizes out there it’s easy to find one to fit your needs. I make sure to put fabric or parchment in between things that may stick or bleed paint. Cloth and fabric bits of cosplay can also be stored similarly in bags or you can get garment bags if you wish to hang them. I tend to store everything for each cosplay together. If I have parts that are used for more than one cosplay, I make sure to put a note in the bag or box to tell me where the missing piece is.

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