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Art by Steph Perry 

Once upon a time, an alien landed in Penticton BC. 

How did an Alien arrive in Penticton?

An alien touched down in 2016. The idea of a foreign being taking in Pop Culture sparked the conversation of a Convention in Penticton, BC. The word spread and a small team formed. A one day event to test the waters occurred in July 2017 at the Penticton Trade and Convention Center. The response was phenomenal. 

The next year, The Penti-Con Association, was officially formed. With a myriad of talents, and united in their love of creating an accessible, inclusive pop culture event, the board and members  at large solidified their investment in The Penti-Con. 


Although the membership changes, the heart behind this organization and the events it brings are still the same; likeminded people dedicated to the arts and enhancing the creative community. 

The Penti-Con

Originally a summer event, the Penti-Con found its home in the Penticton Trade and Convention center. Vendors filled the ballroom with their wares while workshops and panels on various topics ran continuously in the side rooms. On the main stage one could find talent, costuming and guests to entertain. Families could play games together and there were arts and crafts throughout the day. 

Connections were built. Bonds were formed. A legacy was started. 

The Penticton Zombie Walk 

 A fun fall event, the group originally started with the much larger idea but quickly learned that simpler was better when it came to cold weather. Gathering coat donations for the winter, the Zombie Walk also welcomed a competitive element for the undead makeup and costuming. With some arts and crafts on site, warm drinks at a local restaurant and judges from the arts community (THANK YOU PDCAC) it was a hit. 

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