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Penti-Con Weapons & Prop Policy

Due to the nature of the media that the Penti-con is celebrating, we realise that cosplayers will be bringing props that may look like weapons to our event. We have policies in place to protect both our staff and attendees, and make sure that everyone is safe and has a fun time.


  • There are no currently or previously functioning projectiles allowed at our event. This includes but is not limited to AirSoft and NERF guns.


  • Props that look like guns must have an orange painted cap or piece on the end that defines the gun as being fake. Triggers must be unable to move.


  • Live steel items such as swords and knives made of metal are not allowed. Items that have sharp blades or tips are also not allowed. This includes things like metal nails or staples showing on the outside of props unless they are completely flush with the item they are attached to.


  • Bows must not be strung, meaning there may be no string, cord, or other similar materials connecting the ends of the bow.


  • Weapons must not be waved around in a way that could be construed as use of the weapon.


We will have peace bonding at the Cosplay Repair Booth, and all weapons must be tagged by the Cosplay Repair Booth. By having your weapon peace bonded you agree you won't hurt anyone with it or point it at anyone with malice. Posing for photos with weapons pointing is fine however so long as it's consensual between parties.


This document will be present at the Cosplay Repair Booth and be required to be read in order to declare your item peace bonded.


If our policies listed above are not adhered to, a staff member or volunteer may ask you to modify or remove your prop from the convention premises. If you do not comply, your ticket may be revoked and you will need to leave the convention premises.


If you are unsure if your prop is okay to bring or require further clarification please email our cosplay coordinator at

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