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Tip Tuesday with Chibi Raincloud - Staying Cool in Cosplay

Happy Tip Tuesday! With summer in full swing it's important to go over how to stay cool in cosplay.

Cosplaying in extremely hot weather can be dangerous so plan ahead to avoid heat exhaustion.

*Note: if you're in armor or big cosplays with lots of layers make sure you have a plan to get out of the cosplay, or have an easy way to instruct others to help you out of your cosplay. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are very real dangers that can occur especially when not dressed for the weather. It’s important to think of your safety first. Making a card explaining how to take the cosplay off can be useful in times of need, especially if your cosplay requires a handler. Make sure to have extra clothes just in case you do need to get out of it.*

Remember these things to help keep your temperature regulated:

-Hand held fans

-Drink lots of water and electrolytes.

- Look into ice packs and vests. (You can find ice pack vests on Amazon)

-Keep your head cool, Get a bandana or wig net wet to help with distributing the heat under your wig or helmet.


-Research lighter weight fabrics you can use for your cosplays.

-Sun parasols

-Schedule breaks inside a building with AC or in the shade.

I cosplayed at Uwu-con in Arizona last year, which was my first time cosplaying in extreme heat. It was an adventure. Thank you to the Arizona humans from CosTalk Live for taking care of me! We had to find shady spots to take photos and I was always stealing their hand held fans. 😅 About half way thru the day I took Deedlit's armor off and just wore the dress because even inside I felt a bit too hot. Make sure to do your research and check seasonal temperatures beforehand to be prepared for summer cons!


Photo taken by: plaid_hippo (on Instagram)

Ochoco: Jinx Cosplay

Todoroki: ThermoCosplay

Kirishima: Chibi_Raincloud

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