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Our Penti-Guests

Each year we seek local and out of town creators to bring into our weekend.

We are excited to welcome some very talented beings this year and hope you enjoy all the content they'll share! 


Adin Rudd

Adin Rudd is a voice actor, stand-up comedian, streamer, and YouTuber. 

 He has worked in Video Games like Granblue Fantasy Versus, Genshin Impact, Pokemon Masters EX, Warframe, and Smite, and in Anime, such as Kengan Ashura, Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind.

We're excited to have him on site and to interact with him all day Saturday and a portion of Sunday.


AK Wirru


With over 70 awards there's very little need to introduce this talented cosplayer. AK Wirru has been invested in the Cosplaying world for over 16 years and we are excited to spend the wekend with him! 


– World Cosplay Summit Grand Champion 2019

– World Cosplay Summit Team Australia 2019

– C2e2 Global Crown Championships of Cosplay Runner Up 2018

– Global Crown Championships of Cosplay OzComic-Con Australian Champion 2017

– Madman National Cosplay Championship Champion 2014

– Madman National Cosplay Championship Runner Up 2013
– World Cosplay Summit Team Australia 2012
– Madman National Cosplay Championship Champion 2010


Datu Shishir Inocalla

Shishir is a great martial artist skilled in the martial arts called Arnis, that looks like stick fighting. It's an eclectic system that combines hard and soft-style Karate, Tai Chi, Yoga, meditation and self-defense. Master Inocalla himself has had experience for over 30 years and has many titles on his name.

Shishir is a former Light and Heavyweight US/Canada Champion and won over 50 Fighting and Forms. Now retired from competition with a 5th degree black belt in Karate, Shishir is a certified instructor and Datu (= Chief) in Arnis. and an instructor in Tai ChiQuigong. Shishir has also studied Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Aikido and Kickboxing.

Shishir can be seen in several movies and series as an actor and stuntman. His most remarkable roles are as a double in the 3rd Turtles movie, the series and in The Process alongside Ernie Reyes Senior, Junior and Lee Reyes.

Chibi Raincloud


Chibi Raincloud is a Pacific Northwest Cosplayer. They've been cosplaying since 2009, doing everything from panels to skits, hosting meetups, and talking about their craft on CosTalk Live.

Their favourite place to be is in the workshop trying out new building techniques! Working with other cosplayers is their passion, and they love meeting new people.

When not working on cosplay you can catch them creating and running adventures for Dungeons and Dragons."


Chimera Creations

Chimera creations is a British Columbian cosplayer with a focus on props and collaborations. Passionate about crafting large pieces, and elaborate designs, as well as creating involved set pieces and dynamic photography.


Herman Steuernagel

Herman Steuernagel is a crafter of dystopian worlds and dark tales, including his internationally best-selling debut Lies the Guardians Tell.


We're big fans of his work and look forward to spending time with him on site during the event!  


Leland Bjerg

Leland Bjerg is a freelance writer, editor, and comic letterer. He is a three-time Platform Comics finalist who lives in Kelowna, British Columbia with his wife and a swarm of dogs. You can find him on Twitter @BjergLeland, or Instagram @leland_writes.


Where The Leaves Fall Purple

Come meet the cast of a hot new LOCAL thrilling audio drama.


We're heavily invested in this tale and, although they won't be bringing any spoilers, they will be bringing tales of their adventures in creating such a fantastic show.

If you haven't listened please go to -

to catch up! 


The Retrologists


What's a Retrologist? 


That's something you need to ask them when you're on-site! 


Meet Danny and PJ. They're the dynamic duo behind a community-driven platform that highlights creative beans, hosts entertaining fan events and will teach you a thing or two along the way. 


You'll catch them this weekend roped into all kinds of shenanigans. 

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