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Our Pokemon Gym Battle Challenge is back!

Challenge our Leaders for epic battles & win badges along the way


Your Journey To Be The Best

Do you have what it takes to be a Pokémon Master?

You Will Need

  • Admission to Penti-Con (Day pass or Weekend Ticket)

  • Your own Nintendo Switch and copy of Pokémon Scarlet or Violet

  • A team of 6 Pokémon   


  • Single Battle Normal Rules will be used

  • All Pokémon will have their levels set to Lv. 50


  • If a Gym Leader is busy they can refuse to battle.   Gym Leaders need breaks and will not always be available for battling

  • Be kind, respectful, and have fun! 

Meet our leaders!

Water Type Trainer: Jess


Challenge her for a chance to win the Wave Badge

"Need to take a break? Then come cool off with my Water Type Pokémon."

Normal Type Trainer: Michelle


"Simple and sweet, battle me and you're in for a treat."

Challenge her for a chance to win the Vanilla Badge

Fighting Type Trainer: McWim


"So you think you have what it takes to square off with some fighting types?

Then let's see you grit those teeth."

Challenge him for a chance to win the Brawler Badge

Fairy Type Trainer: Brian


Challenge him for a chance to win the Groll Badge

"Fairy has two sides: The ones that like being with humans and the ones that resent them for all the pollution and destruction they cause. (Just like those wretched Poison and Steel types). I stand with the Pokémon who've lost their love of humanity."

Ghost Type Trainer: Chris


"Prepare your soul for a searing onslaught from my spine-chilling specters."

Challenge him for a chance to win the Fiery Night Badge

Stay tuned for more updates

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