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Host a Panel at Penti-con 2023

Panel Submissions have closed for 2023.
We're preparing the schedule so watch for that soon!

Penti-con 2023 Fan Panels Submission

We're super excited to see what panels YOU want to run at our convention! 


We have 3 panel rooms this year, so there's lots of opportunity for content! Content must be suitable for those 14 and under, so please use appropriate language. We are an all ages event and want to make things as accessible to everyone as possible. Panels will be limited to an hour each in length. If you need extra time, we will review it on a case by case basis. There will be a half hour buffer between each panel to make sure the panel rooms and areas are clean and clear of people between each panel.

Please fill out the form below to apply for a panel. They are NOT first come first served. We will be approving them based on content. 


The deadline for submission is August 27th at midnight, and you will hear by September 6th if your panels have been accepted and what time it's been scheduled for. We will be aiming to have our schedule out for public viewing on September 15th at the latest.


Tech available is as follows for the panel rooms: 

  • A projector with HDMI connection

The panel rooms are small enough to not need a microphone or sound system.


In line with our health and safety protocols, we will be having some distanced seating this year.

The following capacity estimates could change, but this is what we expect each space to be able to seat at minimum:

Small panel rooms: 20

Large panel room: 32


Badge Information:

  • For running 1 panel, you'll receive half off of your ticket cost for the Penti-con 2023.

  • For running 2 panels, you'll receive a badge for free to the Penti-con 2023. 

    • If you've already bought your badge, let us know if you wish to be reimbursed or transfer your badge to our 2024 convention. 


There will be a mandatory panelist check in to make sure you are there to run your panel, and troubleshoot any tech issues that may have arisen with our projectors. There will be a table near the panel rooms to facilitate this. You will be required to check in at least 10 minutes before your panel begins, and  be in your panel room at least 5 minutes before your panel starts to set up. In the case no one shows up at the beginning of your panel, you must remain in the room for 10 minutes to give people a chance to arrive for your panel. If no one shows up, you must inform the panel room moderator after the 10 minute mark and the panel will be marked a cancelled on our schedule board. This will not affect your eligibility for a free badge as you did put in work to run the panel.

If you have any questions please email 


Please fill out the following form for as many panels as you wish to submit. Each panel must be on a separate form.

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