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The Penti-Con 2023
October 21-22

We are a non-profit event located in the beautiful city of Penticton, British Columbia.With a pop culture focus, we encourage our attendees to take part in events, workshops and competitions. 

At the Penticton Trade & Convention Center

Buy weekend tickets or RSVP for day passes now!

Newest website updates:

Pokemon Gym Leader Announcements

Cosplay Contest applications are open now!

Want to see who you can battle at the convention? Head over to the page and check them out!

Make your own costumes and want to compete for craftsmanship? Or maybe you just want to perform on stage? There's a place for you here!

Guest Announcement:
Artist Ethereal Ashie

She's our featured artist this year! We love her art, so please check her out!!

Volunteer applications now open!

Want to help make our event fun and successful? Apply to be a volunteer now and give back to the community. Yes, there is a free badge included!

More updates coming soon!

Penti-Con_2022_Gord Goble (49).JPG
Penti-Con_2022_Gord Goble (40).JPG

Join our nerdy fun!

Each year we ring in a variety of guests that run panels and workshops throughout the weekend. Are you a writer? Dream of being an actor or voice actor? An artist? A cosplayer whose handy with the needle or foam? A gamer?

We've got events for you.

Geeking out since 2017

We've been steadily growing since our first year, and hope to see you at our event and online to help foster our nerd community.

2023 will be our fifth event! Come celebrate with us!

Keyboard and Mouse



Be a part of our community

Although this event only happens annually, we have built a community that meets and interacts on a regular basis.

We hope to hold more events throughout the year to ensure a sense of community is always present.

Penti-Con_2022_Gord Goble (56).JPG
Penti-Con_2022_Gord Goble (28).JPG
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