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We are a non-profit event located in the beautiful city of Penticton, British Columbia.

With a pop culture focus, we encourage our attendees to take part in events, workshops and competitions. 
Penti-Con_2022_Gord Goble (49).JPG
Penti-Con_2022_Gord Goble (40).JPG
Each year we ring in a variety of guests that run panels and workshops throughout the weekend. 

Are you a writer? Dream of being an actor or voice actor? An artist? A cosplayer whose handy with the needle or foam? A gamer?

We've got events for you.
Keyboard and Mouse



Come chat With us

Although this event only happens annually, we have built a community that meets and interacts on a regular basis. 

We hope to form more events throughout the year to ensure a sense of community is always present.
Penti-Con_2022_Gord Goble (56).JPG
Penti-Con_2022_Gord Goble (28).JPG
This year will be our fifth year and we're excited to share our new additions with you!
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