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Cosplay Masquerade

This is a performance-only based contest where you don't need to make your costume to be able to enter. Come take to the stage and show off, no matter your skill level.

Walk-ons will be limited to 45 seconds or less. When you sign up please submit an audio file of the music you would like used in MP3 format.

Please include in your application a small description to be read out at the event during your walk on. This can be about your character or about your costume, whichever you see fit.

Sign-up will close on (DATE TBD) at midnight.  You should hear from us by (Date TBD) when the contest will take place. If we have reached our contestant capacity, we will notify you by email if you did not make it, and if you wish to be on a waitlist.

If we have not reached our capacity, we will be allowing sign-ups at the convention on the day of. We however encourage you to sign up beforehand to secure your spot.

Awards available

Judges Choice

Best Performance 


Judges reserve the right to change categories or award as many or as few awards as they wish.

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