Penti Q & A time!

Hello Penti-People!

The Penti-Crew are dusting off their Con-Creation hats as our event is just over 100 days away! So, to start, we're going to answer some of those burning questions we've received about this year's event.

Why did you change venues?

The answer is simple; cost efficiency. Our event has grown steadily over the years and yet, even with that growth, we just barely broke even with the rental costs. That's not even covering our other expenses.

It is common knowledge that any new event will run into the red its first few years and, although we were prepared for that, we had to give our event a chance this year to recoup from 2019 and to blossom in 2020 so we can bring the content requested by our amazing attendees.

Why is the event in May instead of June?

Our usual weekend conflicted with another event in the valley and we consider our artists/vendors family and didn't want to miss out on their presence. This weekend was the only one that didn't have a conflict.

Why are you limiting vendors?

The venue we have moved to doesn't have the panel room space that we had at the PT & CC. So, to ensure that we can still keep you entertained, we have to use a portion of the main floor for our staged events and workshops. We have a wonderful mix of vendors and are excited to host them for 2020!

What changes will we see this year?

  1. You can reserve your door tickets through our website and pay at the door! We have children under 12 as free and have dropped our weekend/day pass costs too!

  2. We've replaced our idol competition with a talent competition! We're so excited to see what winds up on our stage.

  3. We're going to be hosting more fun art events, as requested, and will have workshop info soon. These will have limited seating, be sure to rsvp!

  4. We're going to be hosting our own canteen onsite and are excited to craft some nerdy nummies for you! Keep an eye out for our special themed drinks.

So reserve your tickets and come spend the day or weekend with us! It's going to be a blast!

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