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Tip Tuesday with Chibi Raincloud - Con Crunch

I want to talk about something important: Con Crunch.

I want to remind everyone that cosplay is supposed to be fun and your health should never be put at risk for cosplay.

I’m sure other cosplayers are like me and decide to do a bunch of big builds a couple of months out. Then life gets away from you and a month before the con you're scrambling to get everything done, which results in a lack of sleep, which leads to more mistakes or even forgetting big pieces needed for the con!

So here is some advice to help mitigate this.

When looking at a con try to be honest and realistic with what you can accomplish. Can you buy a couple of the cosplays? Can you but parts and modify them? Are you planning panels, contests, or other events? What takes priority?

Are you learning a new skill? SCHEDULE mistakes. Be ready to do some fixes when you're working on the unknown.

Will you have one or two big cosplays that are probably going to be uncomfortable? Bad shoes, big props, or wigs can get really tiring. Have a couple of finished and comfortable cosplays ready if you need to change. Bringing a comfortable cosplay can sometimes save you at a convention if you get tired or sore but still want to go have fun.

In the wise words from A.K WIrru. If you know you're going to do a con crunch, prepare for it. Have your sleepless nights a week before the con, so you have more time to sleep right before the con. This will ensure you're feeling more rested and ready for the event. Also from WIrru: try to “sandwich” your builds. Start with the easy stuff that you are confident in, to build momentum then get into the hard stuff, This gives you more time to focus on the hard bits.

Are the details something maybe your friends can help you with in the wee hours of con crunch?

Most importantly, get plenty of food, water and sleep leading up to the event.

Lack of sleep can make getting sick easier!

It’s 100% okay to drop a build and put it off, until the next event. Or even go to the con in the parts you have finished. Just go have fun!

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